With experience in hedge funds, data science & tech ventures.

Dr Marcel Dietsch

CEO & co-founder

Dr Jochen Krause

CTO & co-founder

Dr Raphael Schöttler

COO & co-founder

Lior Leibovich

Head of Product

Dr Joan Omeru

Product specialist & solidity developer

Penny Vasileiou

Digital marketing manager

Sali Zumberi

Full stack developer

Rafael Kallis

Software engineer

Yasen Dimov

UX/UI designer

Jonny Burger

Software Engineer

Luka Sepec

Intern - Business development

Rexy Fayed

Intern - Business development

Jennifer Xiao

Intern - Software engineering

Market Design Experts

Leading economists with expertise in incentive design.

Prof Alvin Roth

Senior Advisor, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences 2012

Prof Sven Seuken

Senior Advisor - Market Design

Dr Heinrich H Nax

Senior Advisor – Economics

Prof Christoph Riedl

Senior Advisor - Network Science


Outstanding experts from academia, tech and business.

Dr Carl Benedikt Frey

Senior Advisor - Future of work

Dr Sebastian Bürgel

Technical Advisor - Ethereum

Alessandra Sollberger

Senior Advisor - Governance

Patrick Schilz

Senior Advisor - Blockchain

Dr Rasmus Rothe

Senior Advisor - Data science


We are a VC-funded blockchain venture.

Local Globe

Venture Capital & Private Equity (London)


Venture Capital & Private Equity (Berlin)


Swiss community and partners.

Validity labs


Crypto Valley


Join our team in Zürich and Berlin.

Zürich (HQ)

Trust Square

Bahnhofstrasse 3

8001 Zurich, Switzerland



Rheinsberger Strasse 76/77

10115 Berlin, Germany