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The TrustedPlatform for Knowledge Workers.

Covee helps smart people find teammates - and matches them with rewarding projects.

The new way to build trust

Don't trust your boss, trust your team and the smart contract to receive fair rewards.

Project Staking

Have a stake in your projects. Just like a deposit for a rental apartment, this project application requirement will help everybody on a project to be fully engaged and have a higher mutual level of trust.

Your fair share

The project reward is based on what teammates vote for how they estimate you've performed. So you will always be motivated to make it happen and your blood, sweat and tears always pay off.

Removing the middleman and liberating knowledge workers from bureaucracy

Use Cases

Complex data-driven problems that can be solved by Covee members

Business Analytics
Machine Learning

Covee Protocol

The Covee Protocol is embedded in an Ethereum-based smart contract.

The Protocol is based on a unique incentive and mechanism design and enforced by Covee’s native crypto token.

Our programmable incentives, based on Blockchain technology, enable human collaboration that is globally scalable without the need for third-party intermediation such as corporate structures and legal agreements.

Collaborative governance can therefore be self-organized, decentralized and borderless.

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