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Covee helps smart people find teammates - and matches them with rewarding projects.

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1. Join smart people

Most complex problems need teams of people with complementary skills. Find and join people to collaborate with on Covee Network.

  • Domain Expert
  • Computer Scientist
  • Data engineer
  • Statistician
  • Machine learning engineer

2. Solve complex problems

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Algorithmic trading

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Business analytics

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Medical research

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Machine learning

Database of projects

Match your team with client projects and solve data science problems for: corporate clients, financial institutions, science labs and universities

3. Together

Covee builds a unique, Blockchain-powered network for end-to-end collaboration in data science and related fields.

At the core of Covee is a trust protocol for decentralized and borderless teamwork built upon existing consensus technology.

We solve matching, coordination and verification problems in data science and other teamwork processes.

Blockchain verifies reputations and performance attributions with an immutable history.

Cryptographic tokens help align the incentives of decentralized actors to work towards the same goal.

Smart contracts enable efficient coordination of user interaction, behavior and incentivization.

Core team

With experience in hedge funds, data science & tech ventures.

Dr Marcel Dietsch

CEO & co-founder

  • Experience: 5+ years in hedge funds as portfolio manager for commodity derivatives and global macro strategies, London and Geneva
  • PhD in economics (University of Oxford), thesis: political economy of natural gas markets and pricing mechanisms

Dr Jochen Krause

CTO & co-founder

  • Experience: 7+ years in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, 10+ years in quant finance, software development and data science, co-founder of Valdon Group and Valdon Mesh
  • PhD in finance & senior research fellow (University of Zurich), research on computational economics (Chicago Booth) and in computer vision (NTU Singapore)

Dr Raphael Schoettler

COO & co-founder

  • Experience: 4+ years: Deutsche Bank, German Ministry of Finance, Rocket Internet
  • PhD in economics (Humboldt University, Berlin), financial market research (Peking University)

Lior Leibovich

Head of Product

  • Experience: 10+ years in Hi-Tech and startups, CEO & co-founder of a startup for concise content sharing, product management, application engineering and marketing in semiconductors startup
  • MBA in Hi-Tech management and innovation, BSc in physics (Technion, Israel institute of Technology)

Dr Joan Omeru

Product specialist & Solidity developer

  • Experience: 7+ years in hedge funds (systematic trading, big data analytics) and digital electronics (signal processing, engineering)
  • PhD in Computational Finance and High Performance Computing (Imperial College London)

Indrek Lasn

Software engineer & growth hacker

Penny Vasileiou

Digital marketing manager

  • Experience: 4+ years in product marketing and product management in Ad Tech
  • MSc in Management Science and Engineering at Columbia University in New York, Bachelor in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jinpeng Zhang

Software engineer & backend developer

  • Experience: 4+ years in software development and engineering (Amazon, AdNovum, payment systems, cloud infrastructure)
  • MSc in Computer Science at ETH Zürich, Bachelor at Jilin University

Prof Dr Sven Seuken

Senior market designer

  • Experience: 10+ years in Economics and Computation, and Electronic Market Design
  • PhD in Computer Science (Harvard University), with a focus on Computational Mechanism Design
  • Current position: Associate Professor (with Tenure) of Computation and Economics at the Department of Informatics of the University of Zurich (UZH)

Dr Heinrich H Nax

Senior economist

  • Experience: 10+ years in Game Theory and Behavioral Economics research
  • DPhil in Economics (University of Oxford), Habilitation (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zurich, ETH) in Behavioral Game Theory
  • Current position: Privatdozent at the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences of ETH Zürich

Our Investors

We are a VC-funded blockchain venture.

Partners & Memberships